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  • News about trending topics, hyperlocal & globally
  • Social Media Strategy & Community Management
  • Mediation of Real Estate Homes, news about Lifestyle, Health, Culture & Sports
  • Elaboration of press informations for Print, TV & Radio
  • Organization of events, sponsoring, promotion

“Content” is not just a hype. In order to be visible online with your project or company, you have to share high-quality content in Social Media, through Public Relations, Event Management and Social Sponsoring. The Social Web is becoming increasingly decisive for breakthrough media communication.

Content matters! On Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, WhatsApp and Twitter, information is being shared at a mouse klick in real time, across all geographical boundaries. We support you in reaching your client target group in the best way possible through high-quality contributions. Storytelling is our priority: Tell YOUR story online on different channels by means of interviews, features, videos and photos. AlphaMedia Comunicación works within an international network of web designers, 3-D Graphic Artists, video producers and photographers. For each job we select the best freelancers team.

Your reach out is guaranteed: We are active in a network of more than 10.000 direct local , regional and international individual contacts via E-Mail, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. We run pages and groups on Facebook with thousands of followers. Our postings in German, Spanish and English reach tens of thousands of people, each published post custom tailored to satisfy the interests of your intended client target group. By intelligent story-telling we create extra value for your project or company. For being successful in content publishing, substance, staging and distribution are crucial. #Substance means an authentic story, providing useful facts, a visually appealing presentation and as well informative news mixed with some entertaining ideas. #Staging refers to the quality of visual implementation & attractive multimedia elements #Distribution defines the optimum individual targeting and an intelligent selection of Social Web channels

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